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4.28 Star Rating
58 reviews
Maryanne M.2 days ago
"Bell NS is a lovely community with helpful and respectful neighbors and a friendly and responsive staff."
Current Resident3 days ago
"We have lived at Bell North Shore for the past 31/2 years. It is a safe and quiet environment. The amenities make living here enjoyable. It has been the perfect transition from owning our own home."
Michael L.3 days ago
"A management team who cares that your apartment is more than that: it is home, it is part of community -- that is the folks at Bell North Shore"
Current Resident2 weeks ago
"My apartment is very comfortable and any problem is solved by a phone call."
Elaine S.3 weeks ago
"It is a very nice place to live this is our 13th year living here and bell partners are doing a great job of taking care of all our needs"
Current Resident2 months ago
"The is a great place to raise a family neighbors are friendly, pet and kid friendly and a nice quiet place to live and relax."
Ann S.2 months ago
"Generally, we all love living here and since Bell North has taken over, many of the then existing problems have been rectified. The maintenance people are great and very accommodating as is the office staff. (Please see my comments about the lighting in the parking lot.)"
Current Resident3 months ago
"We are very happy living here."
Betty K.3 months ago
"Big improvement over last owners! Attentive to calls!"
Mary C.3 months ago
"It is very safe and quiet . I find the residents to be kind and friendly."
James C.3 months ago
"Bell North Shore recently purchased this property and the level of service and maintenance went from near zero to a solid 10. Can't rave enough about the new ownership and management."